When you buy a Canon DSLR you also get copies of their DPP and EOS Utility software on CD. I use Lightroom and Photoshop for my post production so I’ve never had a need to use install DPP, but I do use the EOS Utility occasionally for remote shooting.

The only trouble is, I’ve long since mislaid the disks. So installing the software onto new machines seemed a bit of a problem because Canon only allow you to download updates, not the originals. But an article over at North Light Images helped get round this problem.

The solution is really simple for a Mac and is as follows.

Download the update version of the software you want to install. Let’s say for example you want to install EOS Utility from Canon USA. A word of warning here, only download software from a trusted source. In this case only from a Canon website, not from one of the many other download and “driver” sites. Not using a trusted source is a great way to add a free virus to your machine. Don’t believe the hype surrounding no mac viruses.

Mount the disk image as usual and then copy the installer from the disk image onto your desktop. Now we just need to delete one file from the installer.

Show Package Contents
For those of you that don’t know, the way applications are stored on a mac is different to how they are stored on say a windows machine. On a windows machine an application is usually a special machine readable file that the operating system “runs”. On a mac the application is actually a set of files and folders called a package. Using the mac’s finder you can browse around this structure and make modifications. Under normal circumstances this is a sure fire way to break your program, but in our case it will turn the updater into a first time installer.

Right click (or control left click) on the installer you placed on your desktop. From the pop menu choose Show Package Contents.

A new finder window will now show you the contents of the installer package. Navigate through the structure until you get to the SDI.bundle, highlighted in the next image.

SDI.bundle Package

The SDI.bundle is also a package, so right click (or control left click) to open this package. Fron this new window, navigate to the update.plist file as illustrated below.


It is the presence of this file that switches the installer into update mode. So, to turn it back into a new installation installer, just delete this file. Once you are finished, run the installer directly from your desktop.


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