Kim and I order an old Yashica D TLR from LCE a couple of days ago.

Yashica D From LCEI had been thinking of buying one off eBay but we’d like to take it on our upcoming photo trip so decided to buy from LCE. Things haven’t turned out as I’d hoped, but at least LCE have demostrated first class customer service.

When it arrived and we tried it we discovered that the while you could prime the mechanical shutter, pressing the shutter release did not fire it. Effectively a dead camera. I had a look a few sites and decided the shelf repair option looked too daunting. So, I called LCE (Manchester) and explained. They immediately apologised and offered a full refund without me even asking. Great customer service! So, while we won’t have it for our trip, I suspect getting my money back via eBay might not have been quite so straight forward.


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