I’ve just tried to install my Spyder 3 Elite software on my new Snow Leopard iMac. Easy I would have thought, but unfortunately not. Turns out that the software is not actually an intel application so it requires rosetta to be installed first. As an aside, rosetta is effectively a PowerPC chip emulator that allows applicaitions complied for the old chipset to be used on intel machines. It’s an optional install on Snow Leopard because Apple are trying to move away from PowerPC completely. So for this reason, and that running an emulator will take up resources (memory, CPU etc) I’d prefer not to go the rosetta route. I had a look on datacolor’s website and there is an upgrade available. But, in order to install the upgrade you must first have the previous version installed. So, I’m somewhat stuck.

But, I’ve found an open source tool called Argyll CMS that is compatible with my Syder hardware. So, I’ll try that instead and let you know how I get on.


I should have checked in more detail first… The latest version of the Sypder 3 software does not need rosetta, nor does it require a prior installation of the PPC version. I did try using Argyll CMS but just couldn’t get, what I thought was, a good profile. They all seemed to have green colour casts. The software, and its accompanying explanation, give me the impression that the author knows what they are talking about so I suspect the problem was due to my usage. While looking, I also found a set of pre-built profiles (available via TFT Central). My 2nd monitor is a BENQ FP241W, and the profile for it from TFT worked well, in particular as it gave a white level close to 120 cd/m2 without having to change to pretty ropey controls on the monitor. Shame my Spyder 3 won’t allow this, as it tries to force you to do it the correct way via your hardware controls. Great if you have a monitor that supports it, but not so great when you don’t! By the way, I’ll explain in more detail about why 120 cd/m2 in a later article,. In short though it’s to do with my set-up being based around my main monitor being used for web work and my 2nd monitor being used for print work.