Like most people with more than a passing interest in photography I have thousands of images stored on hard disks. The vast majority I’m not satisfied with. The ones that I think have some form of merit I’ll work on and file away somewhere safe. A small number of these find their way onto the web, either on this site or my flickr site. What doesn’t happen, or at least what I stopped doing a long time ago, is printing them. I’m not really sure when or why I stopped printing, I just did. Inclination? Time? Money? I really don’t know. But what has struck me over the last few days is what a shame this is, because I’m missing out on what is one of the fundamental pleasures of photography: looking at photos. In fact, if you look up a dictionary definition of photography, possibly I’m also missing the point of photography all together.

What brought on this realisation? Well, Kim is currently preparing for an exhibition of her work. So pretty much every flat surface in our studio and house is full of her prints. I’m quite used to seeing her images in Lightroom, but seeing this many of her images printed at A4 & A3+ is a different experience all together. It really made me think about what I’m missing with my images.

So, time to start printing again I think, and encourage you all to try the same!


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