Viewpoints and Look Outs at Grand Canyon’s North Rim

As part of our October 2016 holiday to Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon in the USA, we twice visited the Grand Canyon's North Rim. We hadn’t planned on this being part of our trip due to the distance from our hotel in Hurricane, and while it is quite a long drive, the first visit convinced us that a second visit was in order. But, instead of walking the trails, we decided we’d take it easy and walk to some of the viewpoints / look outs and take a few photos as we went. The viewpoints that we visited in the video are Bright Angel Point (and smaller viewpoints on the way), Point Imperial, Vista Encantada and Roosevelt Point. As I mentioned previously, a disk corruption meant that I lost many of my DSLR photos from this trip, so the photos in this post are from my iPhone.

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