The majority of my images are taken using a tripod. I’ve been using a Manfrotto 055MF3 for a few years and been very happy with it. Over this time I’ve added a few customisations, mainly in the form of scratches and scrapes. It’s also saved me from what might have been a serious injury once when I slipped over on some wet beach rocks and landed on my back. The tripod, which was on the back of my rucksack at the time, stopped me from dropping between the rocks and cracking the back of my head. But, it cracked one of the tripod legs, which now has a permanent gaffer tape bandage!

One thing that has let me down though are the small rubber stoppers that fit into the ends of the tripod legs. They “wore out” and started to drop off after just a few months of use. I tried looking for replacements on the internet and didn’t see anything that seemed to fit the bill. But, my partner Kim found the ideal replacement in Wilkinson (for those of you not in the UK, they are like a very small Walmart specialising in non-food). She bought a couple of packs of walking stick rubber stoppers. They fit my tripod perfectly and are much chunkier and grippier than the originals which in my view is an added bonus.

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