This image of Clavell Tower and the bay at Kimmeridge Bay in the UK was taken mid-afternoon on a December day. Although far from a bright day, a Lee Big Stopper was used to get the long exposure. The exposure was 120 seconds @ f22 using a TS-E24 II on a 5D Mk II.
The reason for highlighting this photo though is to illustrate the power of cropping. The 24mm is great for capturing large scenes, but in this case I was really interested more in the horizontal space rather than the vertical.

Clavell Tower And Bay At Kimmeridge Bay 1

The original image isn’t awful. It has lead in lines and a loose application of the rule of thirds applied to what I think is an interesting subject. But, the foreground clutter spoils the serenity of the wide angle shot. The closely cropped image concentrates on the key elements of the subject and places these in a dreamy twilight scene (even though it was around midday). I blogged a while ago about the more mega pixels the better. To me this is an example of the benefit of more megapixels in action. Although I couldn’t print this image at A2, the 5d Mk II does have enough megapixels to allow substation re-interpretation of images, either planned or otherwise.

Clavell Tower And Bay At Kimmeridge Bay 2


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