Kim and I spent yesterday morning at Art in the Gardens in Sheffield’s botantical gardens. It’s an annual art and craft event and according to their website, the largest of its type in the north of England. There were a real mixture of styles and quality, but the photographic highlights for me were (in no particular order):

Paul Schatzberger’s Canoe in Ice. I really like this type of lonely black and white shot. This one is well composed and the subject really complements the approach.

David Birchall’s poppy field. A lovely example of the typcical poppy field shot, brought to life by the streak of yellow flowers across its upper 2/3 line. I can’t find this particular image on his website though.

Angela Harpham’s South Bay, Scarborough. Great shot of mist falling over the sea cliffs with a few sailing boats in the foreground. The contrast of the dark sails and the white mist make this photo for me. Unfortuanly I can’t find a website link for her.

Tom Anthony’s Sunrise on the Bay. I really loved the colours in this photo, wonderful purples and subtle blues. Although I’ve linked to the photo, unfortunately on my screen at least, the purple water of the print is blue on screen.

Terry Davies’ Rainy Day in Settle. Nice use of monotones with a muted splash of colour.


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