Fujifilm-X-Pro1Earlier in the week I commented on mirrors in the current crop of professional cameras and how I see them as a connection with the past rather than the future.

Well, CES 2012 is here and the mirror-less market just seems to keep getting more interesting. Much has already been written about the previously announced Sony NEX-7 (see here if you want an overview), but the big news (for me) at CES was the Fujifilm X-Pro1.

Apart from the X-Pro1 looking great, it also has some interesting features:

  • Large (APS-C) 16MP CMOS sensor
  • No low pass filter, but a sensor structure that tries to achieve the same aim. Nett effect that it will hopefully improve image quality
  • A viewfinder that you can switch between electronic and optical modes without taking it from your eye
  • Support to be provided for (Leica) M-Mount lenses

DP Review have a preview on their site, but I’ll be looking forward to knowing what the actual image quality and shutter lag is like. If they get these right at a reasonable price I think Nikon and Canon may have to up their game a little!


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