The Canon rumour mill is in full flow at the moment. There’s lots of speculation about what the major announcements will be, with new pro DSLRs and new video cameras being amongst the favourites. Not that Canon usually listen to me, but for what’s it’s worth this is my DSLR wish list if Canon truly want to live up to the hype they seem to be generating:

  • Convergence of current 1D/1Ds/5D range
  • Modular system (eg the sort of flexibility we had on some of the old larger formats of film camera)
  • Interchangeable backs (eg Phase One etc for Canon cameras)
  • If increasing the megapixels, increase the sensor size (apart from better signal to noise we seem to be getting close to the resolving power of the current lens range so there seems little point just pushing up the megapixels)
  • Preference for improved high ISO quality over more megapixels
  • Remove the mirror. Mirrors were needed for film but are pretty redundant for digital. This may mean new lenses, but a converter in the meantime would be useful. Removing the mirror will also mean no more issues like this
  • Very high quality “immersive” electronic viewfinder
  • Histogram and framing aid overlays for the viewfinder

I probably won’t get all these, but it doesn’t stop me wishing…


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